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"Exceptional design and service which is way beyond good, AND importantly, lasts a lifetime. Kent used our old farmhouse as an easel upon which to create not only a phenomenal residence, but also direct the property into becoming an estate, of which we are very proud."

S. Player 

"Awesome Group! Worked with them on designing my Condo and couldn't be happier. Professional and quick to respond, would highly recommend them to any of my friends."

F. Myslik 

"What a delight it is to work with Kent Bunston. He has such a refreshing way of looking at room design & just automatically knows what will work for you & your family. He is meticulous in his design work even to the point of taking into consideration the picking of the right sized furniture to fit his clients. How nice it was not to have to visit furniture stores on my own & make the many decisions that Kent undertook for me. Thankfully he is not one of those designers who insist on forcing their opinions onto their clientele but rather a designer that listens to what his clients say and follows through on providing them with the home of their dreams. He is the best!" 

J. Humphrey 

"Kent is an incredible designer who is remarkably always ahead to current design trends! I have worked with Kent for almost 20 years. He is a true gem amongst designers. He is professional, detailed, incredibly talented and an absolute joy to work with." 

S. Mollenhauer

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